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Ladine offers a salon exclusive, affordable, innovative and reliable expert range that easily and optimally cares for each variety of hair type & hairstyle (enhance, shape, treat, relax, manage, preserve). Offering the best relaxer technology and optimal care.

Over 25 years of extensive understanding, research and development, Ladine has proven formulation on most delicate/ fragile/sensitive South African hair. We are focused and committed to improving the hairdressing industry in Africa.

This total commitment to excellence in our field is based on our innovative approach to using the latest research and technology in developing our product range. At the core of our approach is the recognition that multi-textured hair is substantially more delicate than other types of hair and requires the application of suitably formulated products by trained stylists. This attitude has made us a leader in the field of treating, managing and caring for all multi-textured hair, with an optimized portfolio with natural ingredients, that delivers on promise.


Ladine founded 1987
Ladine was founded in 1987 by Maria Laughland. It all began with her vision to create hair care equality between races by promoting the creation and subsequent growth of a professional Black hairdressing industry in South Africa. From the beginning, the objective of the company was to offer a truly professional Afro hairdressing product range.

Relaxertec Launch March 1996
In the quest to find the best Relaxer that offered fast, effective, straight results with less irritation Ladine developed and launched the first Lithium Hydroxide relaxer on the market. The Smooth and Gentle Relaxertec range is still regarded as the best relaxer on the market.

ASAP launch August 2008
The need for a product that calmed and stopped the irritation of chemicals on the scalp was long overdue after decades of chemicals used in hairdressing. Ladine was the first to develop and patent a chemical neutralizer that stops the burn “As Soon As Possible”. Since then Ladine has created even more unique products such as the Nutri E hair and scalp conditioner which softens and detangles the hair and the Brazil Nut Oil which gives a silky and natural feeling.

Acquired by Henkel 2013
Ladine was acquired by Henkel


South Africa:


Ladine Head Office, 55 Potgieter Street, Alrode Ext. 4, Gauteng (011) 617 2400


Good Hair Today, Cnr Rissik And Commissioner Street, Johannesburg
(011) 544-1400 (Prince)

Demar Agencies, 1st Floor Standford Hill Road, Durban
(031) 312-6331 (Greg)

Cape Town/Western Cape:
Basic Shades, 4 Leo Factories Leo Road, Cape Town
(021) 706-7552 (Derek)

Eastern Cape:
Professional Marketing Services, 46 5th Avenue, Port Elizabeth (043) 743-2013 (Claire)

Professional Marketing Service, 9 Buffalo Street, East London Eastern Cape (043) 743-2013 (Claire)

Free State/Northern Cape:
Le Looks Hair & Beauty Oakdene, 2 Osborn St, Johannesburg
(011) 435-2649 (Joe & Diketso)

Polokwane/Northern Province:
Tinyiko Sithole, 37 Khartoum Street, Polokwane
(078) 276-0366 (Tinyiko)
Ebony Distributors, 62A Market Street, Polokwane
(015) 295-7866 (Mohammed)

Outside South Africa:

The Cold Chain (Pvt) Ltd, Stand 19185 Hostel Nichole Ave, Harare (0263) 433-2885 (Pricilla)

Kenzo Enterprises (PTY) Ltd, Kgomokasitwa Road, Gaborone (0267) 391-2327 (Duncan)

Peter Sofianos Joanne Trust, 25 William Solomon Street, Bloemfontein
(051) 436-3134 (Eva)

D N G Gwamile Street, Mbabane
(0687) 604-9859 (Dumisa)

365 Hair Doctors, Shop 4 Nkoseluhlaza Street, Manzini
(02687) 608-6636 (Irene)

Ben Hair And Beauty Supplies (Ltd), 18 Rue Pluton, Beau-Bassin (02304) 266-6245 (Ben)

Founded in 1987