Foundation Guillaume Mission


The future belongs to the young people; one has to understand them if one wants to take care of the future.  – Guillaume Guglielmi

Intercoiffure Mondial established the Foundation Guillaume in 1982 as a subsidiary of Intercoiffure to honour Guillaume Guglielmi, one of the greatest creators of hairstyles of the 20th century and an early proponent of developing and supporting young talent in the hairdressing industry.

The Foundation Guillaume’s mission is to foster young hairstylists around the world, introduce them to the Intercoiffure family, familiarise them with the organisation, and guide them towards becoming full members of Intercoiffure.

Young stylists between the ages of 18 and 27 have the opportunity to become “Juniors” with the Foundation Guillaume when they are employees of Intercoiffure salons, but before they qualify to become regular Intercoiffure members.

  Juniors who join the Foundation Guillaume must fulfil just one condition—they must have a passion for hairstyling, beauty and international relationships. The board and the president of an Intercoiffure Mondial section must approve a Junior who wishes to apply for membership in the Foundation Guillaume, or a Junior who would like to participate in a Foundation Guillaume event. If their application is granted, the Junior pays no fees to Intercoiffure, and they are eligible to perform at national and regional congresses and at the annual Forum Seminar in Paris or at a World Congress.

In addition to supporting Juniors, the Foundation Guillaume also promotes its members through its International Fashion Team. The International Fashion Team presents the current hairdressing line at Mondial Performance. To become a member of the team, Foundation Guillaume members should apply to the Office of the Foundation Guillaume Management. Members must be supported by the board and the president of their Intercoiffure section. The Foundation Guillaume selects International Fashion Team members in accordance with the rules of the organisation.