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IT GIRLS LIVE FOR THE MOMENT. Fashionistas love stylish revolutions. With unrestrained passion, they break fashion rules despite being masters in following them. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne are all unconventional young women with attitude. These models and social media stars have up to 15 million Instagram followers and are well known for mixing the latest designs with vintage styles, playing with contrasts and creating their own looks – original, creative and always authentic. They are fashion icons who have an ingenious feeling for the zeitgeist, for standing out and for themselves.

‘Fashionista’ is the name of the new trend forecast for 2017 by Intercoiffure Mondial. With four inspirations, the international creative team intend to provoke, enchant and cause a stir. K-Pop, Adagio, Desert Rose and Tecvolution by ‘Fashionista’ are four strong, unique and challenging looks – Vision of the Elite. Fashionistas know no fear; they are free spirits and bright stars.

FASHIONISTAS IMPRESS US WITH THEIR INIMITABLE STYLE, which is self-confident and very personal, radically rebellious and fun loving. They know all the style codes, but choose to forge their own paths. They are style icons that never follow trends, but instead create something new. They are the birds of paradise of the fashion world and the inventors of unique looks. The shoot for the new 2017 ‘Fashionista’ collection by Intercoiffure Mondial pays homage to these women who cleverly celebrate their fantastic sense of style, often with a lot of humour and self-deprecation. The stylists on the creative team have captured the spirit of these fashion queens; K-Pop is an explosion of colours – bright and crazy with asymmetric, geometric cuts while Adagio presents delicate, feminine styles in blonde and powder tones. Desert Rose is a series of strong ethnic looks with artistic up-dos in shades of chocolate and Tecvolution features new silhouettes and styles inspired by architectonic designs.

Hiroyuki Ohbayashi, Asia Region
Marc Menden, Western Europe Region
Natasha Balabanova, Eastern Europe Region
Mauricio Pina, Latin America Region
Mariann Klein Ivansdottir, Nordic Region
Stoffel Van Wyk, Oceania Region
Betina Frank, Nordic Region
Fashion Team Fondation Guillaume
Bruno Sommer, FG Switzerland
Miki Ishida & Ai Nieda, Shiseido
“Our special thanks to Shiseido for the collaboration.”
Marina Sulzer, RefectoCil , GW Cosmetics
Elmarie LIGNIER, Paris
Mickael Kromer, Paris
Michèle Struckens-Bloch, Paris