Trends 2018/19


Each year a Creative Global Team of Stylists Create a HAIR COLLECTION in PARIS that is then distributed worldwide and forms part of the inspiration of the coming International trend forecast:

Creative teamwork: with vision lots of imagination and the international spirit it is renowned for, the fashion team from Intercoiffure Mondial has produced the “imagine” collection for autumn/ winter 2018/19. At the shoot in Paris, where the headquarters of the elite association is based, styling inspiration from all over the world has been combined to result in a joint masterpiece. “imagine” stimulates the imagination: what are the hair fashion trends of the future? Imagination as a power bank of creativity.


Space and time? The boundaries become blurred. Where does the present day stop and the future start? “imagine” is the name of the latest trend collection by Intercoiffure Mondial. Its focus is on the imagination from which creative potential arises. From worlds of thought, innovative hair designs and creative trend looks are developed. “imagine” consists of three fashion looks.