About Us

The first International Organisation of high-quality hairdressing, Intercoiffure count over 3000 salons spread in 57 countries. You will find them in capitals such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Rome. The leaders of these salons are fashion orientated, keen on expanding their profession and ready to share their knowledge as part of the respect of moral values. 



Intercoiffure, an International association standing for prestige and excellence, unites hairdressers of high standards being linked by both the love for their craft and the respect for moral values. 

The eighty years of Intercoiffure tradition and its radiance worldwide testify to this in a striking manner. And what does it mean in practice? What can I expect from Intercoiffure?

• Friendship

• Intercoiffure collections

• Participation to all International activities of ICD

• Fostering of the collaborators

• High-level salon management

• Education of young people

• International Fashion from 50 countries

• Sociability -Exchange of experience -Fraternity-Social Commitment