La Fondation Guillaume

Young Intercoiffure salon employees have an opportunity to participate in this very exciting international organisation, which nurtures young talent, and provides them with all the creative and educational opportunities of which they have dreamed.

What have you always wanted to know about Fondation Guillaume?
  • The FG consists of the young generation of Intercoiffure International
  • Our group is named after the great Parisian creator Guillaume, who designed all his latest hairstyles in clay.  These were then cast in bronze, at the Louvre in Paris
  • Every young hairstylist aged 18 to 38, who is working for, or is connected to an Intercoiffure member and/or salon, can become a member of a national Fondation Guillaume group
  • The international FG is supervised by the International Fashion Team.  Each national Fondation Guillaume chapter has its own dynamic young board
  • The FG represents the future of Intercoiffure, and is fostered and supported by Intercoiffure Mondial and its two official partners, L’Oreal Paris and P&G/Wella

Fit for “La Fondation Guillaume”?

  • You want to meet young international fellow hairstylists?
  • You want to work within a national Fondation Guillaume team?
  • You want to work within an international Fondation Guillaume team?
  • You want to travel internationally from time to time?
  • You dream of working in London, New York, Berlin, Rio or Paris for a time?
  • You want to perform on the catwalk?
  • You want to participate in a “Forum Seminar”?
  • You want to perform on stage at Intercoiffure World Congresses?
  • You want to develop and build your career?
  • And last but not least, you want to join “La Fondation Guillaume”

If your answer to 7 of these questions is “YES”, THEN YOU’RE READY TO BECOME A FG MEMBER!

The Strengths of “La Fondation Guillaume”

  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Fun
  • Challenge
  • Commitment
  • Success
  • Love of the Craft

Our trendy and highly motivated young hairstylists share fantastic national and international connections and are eager to expand their skills, vision and zest for life, in a very lively, exciting and passionate atmosphere.

These members chat on the internet, and love to display their latest work to the world with a mere click!

Did you know?  The world of tomorrow is happening today!